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Melrose area Community Service Award Presented to Jim and Rosie Athmann 
by Housing Chairman, George Jensen and Chaplain, Dave Sieben
Carol Frericks
18 years of service as Club manager
Don Meyer
75 Years
Mike Barten 50 years.jpg
Mike Barten
50 Years
Allen Notch 30 Years.jpg
Allen Notch
30 Years
Allan Duffner 30 Years.jpg
Allan Duffner
30 Years
Harry Elfering 35 Years.jpg
Harry Elfering
35 Years
Claud Toenyan 35 Years.jpg
Claude Toenyan
35 Years
Hank Middendorf 25 Years.jpg
Hank Middendorf
25 Years
Auxiliary Recognitions
Mrs. Don Meyer 70 yrs.jpg
Geriy Meyer
70 Years
Terry Butkowski 50 Years.jpg
Terry Butkowski
50 Years
Jan Stueve  45 Years.jpg
Jan Stueve
45 Years
Toenyan  Years.40 yrs.jpg
Susen Toenyan
40 Years
Bridgit Salzman 35 Years.jpg
Bridgit Salzman
35 Years
Judy Hennen 35 Years.jpg
Judy Hennen
35 Years
Diane Jensen 25 Years.jpg
Diane Jensen
25 Years
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